• Research grants (Polish music) for 2013-14

20110307_imt_logoThe Institute of Music and Dance has announced its international grant-awarding competition for research into Polish music.  It’s called ‘Blank Pages of Music’. Applicants, primarily those working on lesser-known topics of Polish music and dance, are encouraged to apply for grants of up to 10,000zl (c. £2000) for individuals or up to 20,000zl (c. £4000) for a group of researchers.  The total fund for 2013-14 is 100,000zł (c. £20,000).

30 June 2013: deadline for submission of applications.
1 October 2013 – 30 June 2014: research period for successful applicants.
31 July 2014: deadline for hardcopy and electronic submission of completed research projects.

For further details, please click on Blank Pages of Music – 3rd Edition, where you will find three pdf links about the programme, past awards and an application form.

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