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The HOME pages contain biographical information.  CD NOTES, PROG NOTES, ARTICLES and TALKS present items that are mostly already public and have been brought together here for ease of reference.  There’s a new page tab – DOCS – which later this year will host key Polish articles translated for the first time into English.  If you have any comments or ideas for how the website might be improved, please get in touch via the CONTACT page.

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The tag tabs for posts are an easy way to home in on major topics.  The musical ones fall into three main categories:

MUSIC POST-1937 and MUSIC PRE-1938 – divided at the year of Szymanowski’s death – have sub-categories for major composers, different generations and historical sub-periods.
MUSIC DISSEMINATION covers Audio, Radio, TV & Video, Concerts, ‘Warsaw Autumn’, Other Festivals, Music Publishing, Books & Articles, Websites and Reviews.
• There are also tabs for Polish FILM, LITERATURE, PLACES, POLITICS (and music) and VISUAL ARTS.

Why not scroll down the  POSTS LIST page for the complete list of titles?

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