Lutosławski and Literature, Appendix 2

Lutosławski and Literature

Appendix 2
Lutosławski’s references to authors
and works of literature



TK94  Kaczyński, T, Lutosławski. Życie i muzyka (Warsaw: Sutkowski, 1994)
TK96  -, in Guzowska, M (ed.), Lutosławski. Homagium (Warsaw: Galeria Kordegarda, 1996)
ZS07  Lutosławski, W., ‘Notebook of Ideas’, in Skowron, Z. (ed.), Lutosławski on Music (Lanham-Plymouth: Scarecrow Press, 2007)
IN94  Nikolska, I., Conversations with Witold Lutosławski, transl. from the Russian by Valeri Yerokhin (Stockholm: Melos, 1994)
IN03  -, edited and newly-themed version, in the original Polish, Muzyka to nie tylko dźwięki.  Rozmowy z Witoldem Lutosławskim (‘Music is not just notes. Conversations with Witold Lutosławski’) (Kraków: PWM, 2003) [largely duplicates IN94]


Beckett, Samuel, En attendant Godot (1948)  ZS07
Ionesco, Eugene, Tueur sans gages (1957)  ZS07
Ionesco, Eugene, Rhinocéros (1958) [cf. nouvelle of same name, publ. 1957]  ZS07

Essayists and Philosophers

Descartes, René, Discourse de la méthode (1637) IN94
Kant, Immanuel  IN94
Miłosz, Czesław, The Captive Mind (1951)  TK94  TK96
-, The Hunter’s Year (1988)  TK94  TK96
Montaigne, Michel de, Essays (1580-88) IN94
Tatarkiewicz, Wł., History of Philosophy  (c.1940)  IN94  IN03

Russian/Soviet Authors

Bulgakov, Mikhail, Master and Marguerite (1941)  IN94
Bunin, Ivan  IN94
Chekhov, Anton  IN94
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor  IN94
-, From the House of the Dead (1860-62)  TK94
-, Crime and Punishment (1866)  TK94  TK96
-, The Idiot (1868)  TK94
-, The Brothers Karamazov (1871-72)  TK94  TK96
-, The Devils (1879-80)  TK94  TK96
Erofeev, Venedikt, Moscow-Pyetushki (1969)  TK94  TK96
Gogol, Nikolai, Dead Souls (1842) & stage works  IN94
Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikhail  IN94

Other Novelists

Balzac, Honoré de  IN94  IN03
Conrad, Joseph, The Nigger of the Narcissus (1897)  TK94  TK96
-, The Shadow-line (1915)  IN94  IN03
Flaubert, Gustave, Madame Bovary (1856-57)  IN94  IN03
-, L’éducation sentimentale (1869)  IN94  IN03
-, Bouvard et Pécuchet (1880, incomplete)  IN94  IN03
Hamsun, Knut, Hunger (1890)  TK94
-, Women at the Pump (1920)  TK96
-, Wayfarers (1927)  ZS07
-, ‘Trilogy’: VagabondsAugustThe Road Leads On (1927-31)  TK94  TK96
Kafka, Franz, Before the Law (1914)  ZS07

I would be very grateful if readers who are aware of any other literary references could update my survey by getting in touch via the CONTACT tab above.

© 2010 Adrian Thomas

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