• Górecki CDs

You will find complete CD notes by clicking on the links below or on the Górecki sub-tab under CD NOTES above.

Górecki: ‘On Reflection’ (Nonesuch, 2016)
Górecki: Symphony no.4 (Nonesuch, 2016)
Górecki: Miserere (Decca, 2012)

Górecki: String Quartets (Hyperion, 2011)
Górecki: Life Journey (Landor, 2009)
Górecki: Pieśń Rodzin Katyńskich (EMI, 2008)
Górecki: String Quartets (EMI, 2008)
Górecki: String Quartet no.3 (Nonesuch, 2007)
Górecki: Symphonie no.3 (Naive, 2005)
Górecki: Symphony no.3 (Warner Classics, 2003)
Górecki: Miserere (Nonesuch, 1994)
Górecki: Old Polish Music (Argo, 1993)
Górecki: String Quartet no.2 (Nonesuch, 1993)

A full repertoire list of all my CD notes is available by clicking the link below.


(repertoire list)

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