• Lutosławski Report (Warsaw, 2013)

The Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw has today issued a Report on the presence of Witold Lutosławski’s music in the musical life of Poland and the world.  Its author is Ewa Cichoń.  It covers mainly the years since Lutosławski’s death in 1994, up to the end of 2012.  The report, which exists in English and Polish pdfs (links below), contains a wide range of data:

• Performances in Poland and abroad
• Selected festivals in Poland
• CD recordings
• Literature
• Literature – list of publications
• Films and DVDs
• Programmes broadcast on TVP (Polish TV)
• Websites devoted to Lutosławski
• Researchers and promoters
• Institutions
• Institutions, festivals, competitions bearing Lutosławski’s name
• Others connected with Lutosławski
• Musical works dedicated to Lutosławski
• A public survey on Lutosławski
• Appendix: Publication of Lutosławski’s works
• Appendix: Broadcasts on Polish Radio

• English-language version of the report
• Polish-language version of the report

• Research grants (Polish music) for 2013-14

20110307_imt_logoThe Institute of Music and Dance has announced its international grant-awarding competition for research into Polish music.  It’s called ‘Blank Pages of Music’. Applicants, primarily those working on lesser-known topics of Polish music and dance, are encouraged to apply for grants of up to 10,000zl (c. £2000) for individuals or up to 20,000zl (c. £4000) for a group of researchers.  The total fund for 2013-14 is 100,000zł (c. £20,000).

30 June 2013: deadline for submission of applications.
1 October 2013 – 30 June 2014: research period for successful applicants.
31 July 2014: deadline for hardcopy and electronic submission of completed research projects.

For further details, please click on Blank Pages of Music – 3rd Edition, where you will find three pdf links about the programme, past awards and an application form.

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