• WL100/7: Lutosławski info online

Looking for substantial information online on Lutosławski?  You will find more in this ‘timeline’ pdf than elsewhere:

The Diary of the Life, Works and Activity of Witold Lutosławski

Published in 2007, Stanisław Będkowski’s annotated chronology is the best source that I’ve yet found online. It includes many quotes from the composer’s own recollections, interviews and writings.  I wouldn’t be surprised if an updated version appears this year.

WL_Studies_1_2007_oklAlong with Stanisław Hrabia, Będkowski has also published Witold Lutosławski. Discography in the same source, the English-language Witold Lutosławski Studies (Kraków: Witold Lutosławski Center, Institute of Musicology, Jagiellonian University).  This discography is an updated version from 2008 of the discography in their massively informative Witold Lutosławski. A Bio-Biography (Westport CT: Greenwood Press, 2001).  Again, I wouldn’t be surprised if a further updated version appears this year.

Three volumes of Witold Lutosławski Studies have appeared (2007, 2008, 2009).  I’m not sure what plans there are for further issues.  All three volumes are well-worth investigating (among other items, Będkowski provides an index of Lutosławski’s correspondence in the third volume, while the 2008 issue includes a penetrating article on musical plot by Nicholas Reyland).  The full contents may be accessed online at:


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