• File 750, Appendix 2

File 750

Appendix 2
Hierarchy of Grants awarded by MKiS

I have updated this list in the light of information provided by David Tompkins in Composing the Party Line, p.158, fn.46.  The changes concern the fees given to Woytowicz and Kotoński.  Tompkins gives the sums of 6000 złoty and 1800 respectively.  These are calculated at post-currency reform rates of October 1950, so I have taken Tompkins’ formula of 3 to 100 and reached the figures of 200,000 zł and 60,000 zł..  Woytowicz fits arithmetically in the Top Band (40,000 x5), but I do not know exactly how these broke down into monthly instalments for Kotoński.  I have made an educated guess that he was placed in the Middle Band.

The composers in each tier are named in the chronological order of their letters (see Appendix 1).

(i) Top Band: 40,000 zł per month (15 composers)
320,000 (40,000 x8): Panufnik
240,000 (40,000 x6): Gradstein*, Bacewicz, Turski, Malawski, Różycki
200,000 (40,000 x5): Woytowicz, Mycielski*, Lutosławski, Perkowski
120,000 (40,000 x3): Sokorski J. (50,000 one-off), Ekier
80,000 (40,000 x2): Rudziński, Rytel, Świerzyński M.

(ii) Middle Band: 30,000 zł per month (20 composers)
180,000 (30,000 x6): Szeligowski, Serocki
150,000 (30,000 x5): Dziewulski, Prószyński
120,000 (30,000 x4): Klechniowska
90,000 (30,000 x3): Krenz, Kiesewetter, Świerzyński, A. Frieman, Vietighoff-Szeel, Lachowska, Baird, Skrowaczewski, Lachman, Bukowski, Swolkień, Waljewski, Nawrocki
60,000 (30,000 x2): Kotoński, Markiewiczówna

(iii) Bottom Band: 20,000 zł per month (6 composers)
80,000 (20,000 x4): Dąbrowski
60,000 (20,000 x3): Szeluto, Walentynowicz, Modziejowski
40,000 (20,000 x2): Drege-Schielowa (10,000 added later), Popiel (later doubled to 80,000)

(iv) One-off payments (8 composers)
100,000: Marczewski
90,000: Kazuro
80,000: Poradowski
50,000: Wiłkomirski, J. Sokorski (see also under (i) above), Sygietyński
30,000: Rund, Gniot

(v) Leave of Absence (5 composers)
Maklakiewicz, from the ‘Warsaw Conservatory’
Mlodziejowski, from Poznań PO
Swolkień, from Polish Radio
Szeligowski, from Poznań PWSM (see also under (ii) above)
Woytowicz, from Katowice PWSM (see also under (i) above)

* both Gradstein and Mycielski asked for extra funds, though there is no indication that any were granted:
15.XII, 750/101: Mycielski funds to finish Symfonia polska –
16.XII, 750/102: Gradstein treatment costs to enable him to complete Kantata o Stalinie 1,200 x2

on 22 XII 1950 (AAN 75087), the MKiS released small amounts of money (between 1,400 and 2,400 zł), spread over two months, to ten composers; no particular rationale is detectable, though it might have been connected to the need for small extra funding as revealed by the extra grants to Mycielski and Gradstein on 15-16.XII.50.

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