• New CD Note (Zubel/Kairos)

682.01.ma,13362_zubel_coverIt’s been an absolute pleasure to be involved in this new CD of very recent music by Agata Zubel.  All four works date from 2010-11.  She also sings in three of them.  The title track, Not I, has garnered praise and prizes, including the top award at the UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers in 2013 and the inaugural prize of the Musica Polonica Nova Festival in Wrocław last month.  Zubel’s music has a freshness and expressivity that I find totally winning, and she has an ear for the best texts – all three vocal pieces have words written by Nobel laureates.

Footnote: this CD was one of Alex Ross’s top ten recordings of 2014 in his New Yorker survey of 12 December 2014.

Here’s the link to my note for this new Zubel CDor you can scroll the CD NOTES tab above.

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