• Lutosławski articles

• Lutosławski and his Performers (2013)
an essay written for Witold Lutosławski (Brussels, 2013)

• Witold Lutosławski (2013)
an article written for ‘Composer of the Month’, BBC Music Magazine (August 2013)

• Parallel Lives of a Captive Muse (2012)
an essay written for the Philharmonia’s celebration of Lutosławski centenary in 2013

• One Last Meeting: Lutosławski, Szymanowski and the Fantasia (2007)
an exploration of stylistic and structural parallels between Szymanowski (Violin Concerto no.1) and Lutosławski (Les Espaces du sommeil, Symphonies no.3 and no.4)

The Hidden Composer: Witold Lutosławski and Polish Radio (1997)
An exhibition first shown as part of the Breaking Chains festival, Barbican Centre, London, 13-19 January 1997

A Deep Resonance: Lutosławski Trois poèmes d’Henri Michaux (1970)
the first English-language discussion of this important work, based on the UK premiere on 25 June 1969 for which I was one of the two conductors

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