• WL100/74: Lutosławski Rules!

Another drawer in Lutosławski’s desk contained various odds and ends, loose scraps of unused manuscript paper and strips of card held together with a strong clip.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 19.20.44

These strips turned out to be 20 individual hand-drawn rulers, no doubt measured from the three-edged ruler (or its predecessor) that was also in the drawer.  Some of the card rulers were double-edged, and there was a number (and usually a letter) attached to almost every one.  I imagine that he used them in his sketching: there are quite a few instances of the regular pattern being overwritten as the compositional process took over.

I laid them all out on Lutosławski’s blotting pad to photograph them.  The last five on the RH side of the top photo also appear as the first five on the LH of the lower photo (don’t ask me why).  Someone may have fun trying to match them up with the music…



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