• WL100/72: Lutosławski’s Desk

My series WL100 was curtailed at the end of last year as I was preoccupied with preparations for my four-month walk across France at the start of this year.  I am going to try to bring it up to my goal of 81 posts (chosen because that was Lutosławski’s age when he died in 1994).  So that’s ten more to go, including this one.

WL100/9: Lutosławski’s Carpet included a distant shot of Lutosławski’s desk, as it was in September 2002.  Here are two closer shots.  Lutosławski was innately neat and tidy, but I have no idea how much the desk was rearranged, added to or subtracted from after his death.  Some familiar items are here: the blotting pad, pencil sharpeners, and brush (see A Brush with Lutosławski).  There’s something rather melancholic about these photos, despite the red roses.  The day was dark and light very poor.  Tomorrow I will post what I hope will be intriguing shots of the desk drawer and some of its contents. (I should add that permission was granted by Lutosławski’s family to investigate his work spaces and take photographs.)



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