• WL100/65: Mr and Mrs

Lutosławscy, Prague 1957?

Today marks the 67th anniversary of the wedding of Witold and Danuta Lutosławscy.  Though there appear to be no photos of the occasion, here’s one from a few years later.  I’m pretty certain that this one was taken in Prague, to the left of the entrance to one of its most famous hotels (on Wenceslas Square).  When it was taken is not clear, but it looks likely that it was in May 1957, if corroborative photos are correct.*


* There is another photograph dated Prague, May 1957, with the Lutosławscy wearing the same suits and standing in the sunshine on a large square (no bouquet but a handbag!), in a selection of photographs at the back of Zofia Owińska’s Lutosławski o sobie (Gdańsk: słowo/obraz territoria and the Witold Lutosławski Society, 2010).

Lutosławscy, Wenceslas Square (?), Prague, 1957

There is also a photo, taken in Switzerland (which the Lutosławscy also visited in 1957), in which Danuta Lutosławski is wearing the same two-piece suit.  Also in shot are the composer Konstantin Regamey and the pianist Witold Małcużyński.  This photo is reproduced in Danuta Gwizdalanka & Krzysztof Meyer’s first volume (-1960) of their two-volume study of Lutosławski and his music (Kraków: PWM, 2003), between pp. 256-257.

Regamey, Lutosławscy, Małcużyński, Switzerland, 1957

The photo reproduced at the top is a cut-down version of much larger, off-vertical and unidentified photo that was published earlier this year by the Witold Lutosławski Society in its centenary album Lutosławski 1913-2013 (p.222).  Its wider angle confirms my hunch about the location.  But Danuta’s shoes seem to be different than in the photo in the square (though the same as in Switzerland!), so perhaps the two Prague photos were taken at different times.

Danuta & Witold, Prague, 1957?

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