• WL100/16: Philharmonia Festival, 2-12.02.89

The Philharmonia’s festival to mark the centenary of the birth of Witold Lutosławski (http://woven-words.co.uk) is not the first time that the orchestra and Esa-Pekka Salonen have celebrated his music.  They also marked his 75th birthday with a series of four concerts, although for some reason these were given shortly after Lutosławski’s 76th birthday, starting on this date, 2 February, in 1989.  Very curious.

Lutosławski shared the conducting with Salonen and also gave a pre-concert talk.  His works were Symphony no.2 (1967), Livre pour orchestre (1968), Cello Concerto (1970), Les Espaces du sommeil (1975), Double Concerto (1980), Symphony no.3 (1983) and Chain 3 (1986).  Again, his music was partnered by that of 20th-century composers with whom he felt an affinity – Bartók, Debussy, Ravel, Roussel and Stravinsky – alongside works by Beethoven, Brahms and Haydn.

WL:Philharmonia 1989 front

WL:Philharmonia 1989 inside

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