• WL100/2: Lutosławski in Belfast (DMus)

WL concert 17.12.8718 December 1987 was a grey wet day, but then it was a week before Christmas. It was, however, a special day at Queen’s University, Belfast.  My colleagues, our students and I could not have been prouder when Lutosławski stepped onto the platform of the Whitla Hall to receive an honorary DMus.  I read the citation and afterwards Lutosławski walked the short distance to the Main Building for a jovial lunch with university dignitaries.

Lutosławski charmed everyone whom he met, as he always did.  The night before, he’d been present at a concert of his chamber music where relaxation and informality had been the key.  On this day, he was all robed up and solemnly posed for the camera in his doctoral garb.

When I saw him in Warsaw the following year, I took with me a host of photos from his visit which he signed for the performers and others.  I like the way he used a silver-ink pen. His was a special and distinctive handwriting, as I hope to show in other posts in 2013.

WL Hon DMus:2 18.12.87

Witold Lutosławski, Hon DMus
The Queen’s University of Belfast, 18 December 1987

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