• The Chronicles of Doctor Hughes

A few months ago, I heard again from a colleague whom I’d last met in the mid-2000s.  It turned out that he’d been posting on Szymanowski for some time and was about to translate key Polish tributes to the composer into English.  I can’t emphasise too strongly how important this is.  Polish is a tricky language and far too little of its literature, especially that written earlier than the last 50 years or so, has been translated.  This applies to texts on music too.

So, as the 75th anniversary of the hour of Szymanowski’s death approaches, all praise to William Hughes for his selfless service to lovers of Szymanowski’s music by giving us access to Polish writings, especially those penned immediately after his death.  I’m posting links to these translations below, starting with the most recent.

You can find The Chronicles of Doctor Hughes at http://drwilliamhughes.blogspot.co.uk/.

• 28.03.12  Szymanowski’s Piano Concerto [Part II] (1950)
• 28.03.12  In memoriam Karol Szymanowski (28/03/1937)
• 24.03.12  Szymanowski’s Piano Concerto [Part I] (1950)
• 19.03.12  Tadeusz Baird – ‘Szymanowski’s music has always meant so much to me’ (1979)
• 17.03.12  Stefan Kisielewski – ‘Karol Szymanowski’s Final Journey’ [Part Three] (1937)
• 15.03.12  Stefan Kisielewski – ‘Karol Szymanowski’s Final Journey’ [Part Two] (1937)
• 10.03.12  Stefan Kisielewski – ‘Karol Szymanowski’s Final Journey’ [Part One] (1937) 
• 4.03.12  ‘The Myth of Karol Szymanowski’ – Stefania Łobaczewska (‘Muzyka’ 1937, nr 4-5)
• 28.02.12  Paying Homage (Part IV): Roman Maciejewski (‘Muzyka’ 1937, nr 4-5)
• 24.02.12  Paying Homage (Part III): Zygmunt Mycielski (‘Muzyka’ 1937, nr 4-5)
• 22.02.12  Paying Homage (Part II): Piotr Perkowski (‘Muzyka’ 1937, nr 4-5)
• 21.02.12  Paying Homage (Part I): Jan Maklakiewicz (‘Muzyka’ 1937, nr 4-5)
• 17.02.12  ‘The Breath of Greatness’: Lutosławski on Szymanowski (Muzyka Polska, 1937, No 4)
• 13.02.12  Andrzej Dobrowolski analyses Szymanowski’s ‘Preludium and Fugue’ (‘Ruch Muzyczny’, 1948 nr.20)

There are other posts connected to Szymanowski, one on the vagaries of Polish publishing standards, insights into another of William Hughes’s passions – Bill Evans, and sound files of some of Hughes’s own compositions.

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  1. jdistler2014 says:

    Dear Dr. Hughes, I just discovered you blog and your Bill Evans transcriptions, and am quite impressed by your sheer industry! Drop me a line if you get a moment, because you’d might be interested in my own Evans transcriptions (I briefly worked with Bill on a transcription project, in fact). Best wishes – Jed

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